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We own and work with state of the art music recording studios with cutting edge technology top of the line recording equipment. Our studio is used by very high profile clients from the music, film and top brands. We have several years experince in the industry with a great track record. We have studios located in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Miami. We can help you with book an engineer, help you with your production, recording, and mixing services with your project. MGD Music Group is owned by MGD Management which was founded by Miger Diaz who manages several artist in the film and Music industry.


The action to sing/talk into a microphone while and engineer records the sound into a computer and creates an audio file for subsequent reproduction or broadcast. 

Mixing is basically tinkering with everything you have recorded to complete you song. We will do things like drop in effects, adjust fader, EQ your tracks. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together. When mixing your songs, you should be pleased/confident with the way it sounds

Mastering a record is adding sparkel and shine to your music. In a very basic sense, when you master your album, you're making sure that your records doesn't  blow out the speakers. In other words, we make sure the levels are fine tune and general sense of cohesiveness to your recording.


Rob Holladay | Music Producer

Rob Holladay, is a music producer with Bad Boy Records and Universal Music Publishing Group. He grew up in Virginia and has been putting out hit tracks since high school. He became so enamored with the craft that he dropped out of school to pursue a career in the music industry. Holladay cought the attention of music industry moguls Sean Combs also know as Diddy. Mr Combs offered Rob the opportunity to join the label as Executive Producer and work on several projects with A list Clients. - Click the link below to know more about Rob Holladay.   


Po Box 11241

Beverly Hills, CA  90213

Tel: 310-400-0284


Our studio is open 24/7 days a week:


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